Leading Community


It seems like a necessity for us today. Most of the community daily routines would be disrupted without digital technology’s existence. This situation has led to the biggest transformation of business models in many industries and companies to meet the needs and remain relevant.

Leading Community

Educating and spreading awareness to the community to enjoying digital technology development and fully utilized it.

Creating Safe Environment

Creating a safe living environment by digitalizing the community.

Convenient for Community

Provide various facilities to preserve community welfare.

Provide cashless payment solution platform for community to build a broader digital ecosystem

Organize a community program to empowering activities towards organization or community management, economy, and welfare improvement.

Provide Co Branding Program to assist group of community to upgrade association image.

Cashless payment

Comprehensive, versatile and extraordinary cashless payment solution with interesting features added to support digital ecosystem among community




Community Program

Malaysia’s first community program combines the latest cashless payment solutions platform with a unique Takaful scheme as well exciting benefits exclusive for participants towards assisting the community in building a broader digital commerce ecosystem.

Smart Partners

Co Brand